Apollo Studio


Pre & Post Production Studio
Contact: Diego Hariswara
Cell: 022 638 5118 Email: diego.hariswara@gmail.com

Apollo Studio is an affordable recording & mixing home studio mainly for singer-songwriters who want to record their song(s).


• Recording
I can help you record that song that you wrote in the bedroom or in the weekend and give it that studio sound and polish. I will help you record your song so you can sell your music & song online; post it on social media, or just have it as a personal collectable and achievement of your talent.

• Arranging, producing, composing and performing musical parts / instruments
Adding a subtle string section to add a little bit of dynamic to your song; turning your singer-songwriter song into a full 5 piece band arrangement; or to keep it simple & raw by sticking to just vocal & guitar/piano track.

• Mixing & mastering
You will have a mix that is competitive with commercial recordings and broadcast ready. I will supply you with a high dynamic range mix (+/- DR-12) and a low dynamic range mix (+/- DR-8) in MP3; WAVE; physical CD-AUDIO format (or other file format that you may require)

Rates: $30/hour