Are CDs dead?

April 2008 When things are new and people are making a name for themselves by making bold assertions that sound futuristic doom-laden or revolutionary sometimes they fall into the trap of talking nonsense. “CDs are dead!” is one example of this phenomenon. Think about it. Does it really look like the CD is dead? Or even particularly struggling? Sales of mass-produced commercially released popular music CDs are declining (though hardly dwindling to zero as some self-professed prophets of the digital age are trying to make us think) but the CD itself is alive and well. Thriving actually. I’ll explain.   When we talk about the CD we’re usually talking about CDs for sale in high street shops. When I say ‘we’ I mean ‘the mainstream media’ and when I say ‘the mainstream media’ I generally mean ‘Articles,Resourcesthat have largely been cut and paste from press releases issued by the major record labels’. But a step back reveals a much richer and more diverse picture - in which the CD is not only alive and well but is making a concerted attempt at taking over my house and probably yours too.