Digital Promotion Strategies – Myspace to Monetizing

In July 08 the CPC presented a seminar focusing on music promotion in New Zealand this podcast is the final part in a series of 3 recordings from the day and features Matt Turner from Kurb promotions focusing on the topic of digital promotions. Kurb is an online promotion company specialising in digital music marketing and artist management.  

How is digital technology changing the music industry and how soon can we expect these changes to impact the way we can make money from a career in


  • The digital revolution – more opportunities / more competition
  • How the digital revolution is a fundamental shift in the music business
  • What is digital content and do I have the content I need to promote my music online effectively?
  • What is the best way to sell my music online?
  • Whats the big deal about social networking and web 2.0?
  • Promotion is content
  • Creating revenue online
  • How can I use my website to build a career?
  • How and when are we going to get money from the internet?
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