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Weds 28 Feb 2007 WInnie Bagoes Free
Ever wondered about how to get YOUR music on to iTunes?

What is the best way to do it where do you start? (see below) Well NZ now has its own iTunes store so come and join digital music legal expert David McLaughlin and the Chart team who will simplify the online music world and provide tips on the best way to get your music uploaded and earning you money! David McLaughlin is a specialist entertainment lawyer who works for a range of bands managers and record labels NZ wide advising them on all aspects of their activities both within NZ and also
internationally. David also has particular expertise in respect of the legal issues associated with music on the internet. Following the success of CHART's 'Burning Questions' this session looks to be of interest to musicians managers and labels. Winnie Bagoes are doing us a generous pizza deal so some come along and find out more about online music. Registration

The event is free and Winnies are doing some great pizza deals so to book your place email -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEMINAR NOTES
Getting Your Music on iTunes - Online Distribution Tips & Pitfalls
Weds 28th Feb 2007
Winnie Bagoes 194 Gloucester St ChCh 7:00pm-8:30pm
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Almost all music is distributed today in digital rather than analog form. Until recently most digital music was sold in compact discs. The technology that has made this new method convenient and popular is MP3 an audio compression file format. Musical files compressed using MP3 occupy approximately 1/12 of the disk space occupied by uncompressed files enabling them to be transmitted faster and stored more easily. What is an MP3 AAC etc? MP3 – MPEG1/MPEG2 – Layer 3
A non-protected format that can be used across all player types. Typically has a lower sound quality for a similar file size than the other file types but of course has the huge advantage of no Digital Restriction Management. The disadvantage is also the advantage that once it’s downloaded the artist/label/store has no control over how that file is used/distributed. AAC
Apple’s proprietary DRM format. All tracks sold through iTunes are in AAC format that will only play on iPods. This is a huge drawback however 70%+ of digital music players sold in the world are iPods so most people are okay. WMA (Windows Media Audio)
Microsoft’s DRM format. After purchasing a WMA DRM protected file a licence must be obtained from a licence server before it can be used. The issuer of the licence can obtain a number of parameters including number of times the file can be copied the number of times it can be copied to a player the number of transfers to another computer or the date range or number of plays the file is valid for. Microsoft have now announced their Zune platform which calls into question the future of their previous PlaysForSure architecture that included WMA protected DRM files. Licensing Issues
How best to choose retailer and things you can do to increase sales. Choose one aggregator (see Aggregator section below) who can prove that they can get you onto at least iTunes Zune and OD2. Make sure that you will receive payment from them. Often the Euro aggregators will make it difficult to get money out of Europe. And also look at what local stores you can get your tunes to. Amplifier and some of the others are independent of aggregators and will help you decide on who to use as a global aggregator and promote your music effectively.
Global Retailers
OD2 iTunes Zune/Microsoft Napster Yahoo CDBaby
NZ Retailers (MP3)
New Zealand's first MP3-based site which now offers streaming video and albums available to purchase as well as MP3s of new and established artists.
Choose from more than 3000 New Zealand artists to listen to download or purchase. All files posted for download on Amplifier are licensed from the NZ artists or their labels so each purchase sees money going back to the musicians. As well as stocking New Zealand CDs from the major labels and distributors they also provide a sales outlet for those kiwi bands and performers who don't have the luxury of a recording or distribution deal. Amplifier has a reasonable amount of traffic but of course this is qualified traffic these are almost all New Zealanders who'll come to your shows who'll buy your CD because they want to support kiwi music. But the most important thing about Amplifier is that they rule google search rankings for music in New Zealand. And so when the Google spiders come looking for you and your site guess how they'll find it? (MP3)
Setup by Brad carter from Steriogram TxtTunes is a non-exclusive online musicCommunity,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations, Fundingthat lets artists individually set up and maintain their own music store. Fans can pay you for a song with a txt message.
Contact: Matt Coleman (WMA)
New Zealand website for digital entertainment including music & music video downloads ringtones move trailers & electronic gear. The first and only full-catalogue music download website in NZ with content from all 4 major record companies - Universal SonyBMG EMI & Warner Music as well as 40 other local and international labels. Telecom Music Store (WMA to PC and AAC+ to Mobile)
Telecom Music Store is a Telecom NZ branded digital music service for the New Zealand mobile market offering international and local content from all four major labels as well as a significant number of independent labels and artists. Consumers can purchase and download tracks directly to their mobile phones with a second (WMA) copy of the track made available for downloading to their PC using the Web Store.   Vodafone Music (WMA to PC and MP4 to Mobile)
There are over 500 000 full music tracks to choose from with Vodafone Music. Vodafone's dual delivery means that whenever customers buy a track they receive two files – one for their pc and one for their mobile. Customers can choose to purchase dual delivery Full Music Tracks either from the Vodafone Music site or through Vodafone live! on their mobile. No matter which method they choose the track is delivered to both devices. Vodafone music also offers ringtones and music video downloads plus loads of promotions and special offers. (AAC)
The NZ iTunes Store opened on 6 Dec 2006 and has a catalogue of over two million songs featuring tracks from Fat Freddy's Drop Brooke Fraser Tim Finn The Datsuns Bic Runga Shihad Crowded House The Black Seeds Breaks Co-Op and Elemeno P. Music downloads cost $1.79 and most albums at $17.99. Music videos are $3.59 each. The iTunes podcast directory currently features over 65 000 podcasts including New Zealand features from TVNZ The Voice Booth and Radio NZ. Music Download Prices (2007)
Telecom music store - $1.99
Vodafone - $1.99
Digirama - from $1.75
iTunes - from $1.79
Ripit (NZ artists only) - from $1.89
  Global Aggregators
There are now 100’s if not 1000’s of global aggregators. The Orchard and FineTunes are examples and now CDBaby is now also a major player for the independents. In NZ there are 2 main companies aggregating for iTunes so choose one. (1) Amplifier
Contact: Stephen O'Hoy (2) Loopdigital
Contact: Of course if you’ve already signed your digital rights away to your record company or distributor then you won’t be able to approach an aggregator anyway.
Application Criteria Audio - All music is finished product (mastered) and generally supplied by Compact Disc - two original copies of albums or tracks on CD/CDR/DVD with the following audio files (original album CD) .wav or .aiff Album Cover Artwork - required in the digital format of: Type of file: .tif Size: 800 x 800 pixels Resolution: 72dpi ISRC Codes - An Essential Information Form is usually emailed out to you with your Digital Music contract. The ISRC Code (International Standard Recording Code) is a unique international identifier for tracks on sound and music-video recordings. The ISRC is 12 character alpha-numeric code which functions as a digital fingerprint" for each track unlike a Universal Product Code which is tied to the entire disc. In addition the ISRC remains allocated to a track regardless of changes in ownership. It is an extremely powerful tool for royalty collection administration and anti-piracy safeguards in the digital arena. The following is an example of a code broken down into individual elements:
US Z03 04 32401
country label ID year designation code: usually catalogue and track suffix You can apply for a ISRC code from RIANZ contact for more information. Barcode - If you do not have a UPC (Universal Product Code)/EAN number (barcode) then you can usually purchase one from the aggregator. This is the 13 digit barcode written on the barcode of your album. Each iTunes album E.P. or single must have a barcode number. 2 x Contract - TWO signed copies of the Confidential Digital Music Download Agreement initial each page of both agreements then return both copies to the address at the bottom of the page. A countersigned copy of the Agreement will then be returned for your files. Helpful Links LOOPDigital FAQ’s What iTunes territories does LOOPdigital have access to?
LOOPdigital can place your music directly into all iTunes Music Store territories without you having to deal with multiple companies or intermediaries.

Is LOOPdigital a New Zealand owned and operated company?

Yes. LOOPdigital is owned by music industry renowned LOOP Media Limited. It is operated from within New Zealand and gives you the opportunity to deal with a NZ based company that you can trust. Is the record label of LOOP connected to my music in anyway?
No. Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa will NOT be associated with your music AT ALL within iTunes. You choose what record label name you would like to appear in the iTunes Music Store. What territories can I sell in?
LOOPdigital operates in all iTunes territories.
You can choose not to distribute in certain territories if you wish. Is the contract exclusive?
No. The contract is non-exclusive...why would anyone try and tie someone down like that?
But you cannot use another distributor to distribute within a territory that we place your music in. Simple. How is the music put on iTunes?
LOOPdigital offers a complimentary service to encode and upload your albums into iTunes. We manage all technical issues data management and iTunes back-end maintenance for you. Once you have provided us with the correct catalogue information and two original copies of your albums then we take care of the rest. What’s the deal?
The splits are as follows… (this is only indicative example for USA and amounts may vary)
A single track sells on iTunes US for 99c US 70c US is paid to LOOPdigital less taxes.
We take 20% of the amount we receive and you get 80%.
The Term of the contract ends 120 days from when we receive from you written notice-requesting termination. Accounting?
You receive a consolidated accounting statement with each payment detailing all your downloads and territories. When you have invoiced us for the amount we direct credit the royalties directly into your nominated bank account. We will not contact you if less than $50 NZD is owed to you but rollover the due amount to the next period until that total is reached. So that is great! You are on iTunes now but how do you market yourself?
We recommend that you set yourself up your own website and MySpace site. Get yourself a ‘web presence’ and look at Internet marketing programs available for digital download artists. When your music ‘goes live’ on iTunes we provide you direct links to your iTunes music which you can then use to promote yourself online. Where do I send my signed contracts CDs and information?
PO Box 9123
Wellington 6141
New Zealand
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