Getting your music out there – music promotion in New Zealand?

3rd April 2009 - By Jason Fishwick c/o
This week we’re going to take another look at one of the most important factors in getting your music out there and hopefully starting to provide an income for you promotion. With more music now available online than ever and 85% of the music available not actually selling 1 copy it seems that one of the biggest struggles for independent artists is to actually gain some exposure for their music. The rise of “free” promotional tools gives bands the opportunity to really build and interact with their own fan base but it is some of the more traditional promotional channels which still seem illusive to a large number of New Zealand artists. If you want to get consistent radio play and be interviewed in all the music magazines then you may want to consider bringing in some extra help. There are several companies in NZ who specialise in music promotion and publicity including Isaac promotions Lauren Clough at MaidenNZ Funktion music and Integrity Creative. If your planning a release or tour and need some help with planning and implementing a promotional campaign then it would be worth speaking to one of these companies to get an idea of the process involved and of course the budget. I asked Huia at Integrity Creative a few questions about how they work with artists and just how important promotion is in New Zealand. What services does Integrity Creative offer to artists?
“We provide affordable services to establish you as an artist. We provide feedback on your music radio servicing interview set up with radio stations media exposure and advice on ways to provide income for yourself as an artist.” Which artists have you worked with?
“Chong-Nee Baitercell 4Dg Crossbreed Maisey Rika Ariana Tikao The Mamaku Project Dubwize Tyna and JB Pieter T Maitreyah Ruia Module Kolab Jermaine as well as a host of others on compilation project such as Pitch Black Jakob Katchafire Herbs Shapeshifter and Ladi 6.” Where do you start when your working with an artist for example someone like Maisey Rika?
“We like to service a single first to get an idea of how the music is received. A music video for the song really helps as it gives a good cross section of visual and audio. I would then set up interviews with radio stations and relevant magazines. The aim is to create a public awareness for the artist and points of contact for the media/public to hear the artist music. It’s a solid platform that the artists can leave with and develop their own career if they choose.” How important is promotion for independent artists in New Zealand ?
“It is vital!! Its like a circular flow for a new fan – they hear you read about you then see you (gig or music video) so it helps them to create a persona around you as an artist or band. This can be done very cheaply if you are willing to work.Its your career after all. Your career is a like a big rock! Its heavy and large and if you stop rolling it it stops! Apart from your mum no one else is going to push it.” What advice do you have for artists who are trying to develop their music careers?
“Be honest don’t rip people off pay for your sessions and give credit where credit is due. Try not to burn bridges but it does happen. Do your homework and utilise the help of people in the industry as it is constantly in a state of change. Publicists are a quicker way of getting your music out there but you can do it alone it will take time to set these relationships up. Don’t let your ego tell you that you are the best because the world owes you nothing. Its all about the movements you make so be thinking ; whats my next step?” I’ll be publishing a list of music promotion / publicists in New Zealand over the next few weeks so please let me know of any other companies who are out there helping artists to build their fanbase. You can also listen to a recording of the promotions seminar we hosted last
year for some great free advice from Rebecca Caughey Lauren Clough and Matt Turner.