How Does Pearl Jam Keep Fans In The Loop? It’s Called the Ten Club

14th May 2009 by Albert Costill  c/o
It’s May which can only mean one thing…a month long dedication to the Pearl Jam! This year we’ve decided to have a little theme within our Pearl Jam love. That theme would be how Pearl Jam is one of the most fan friendly bands out there. Since we started a little late this year I’ll stop my yapping and get the ball rolling by talking about the Ten Club.

The Ten Club has pretty much been around to assist fans for almost the band’s entire career. While there have been changes like mailing ticket orders to now doing it online to flaws like not really being updated on news the Ten Club is still a great thing for the fans. For $20 a year fans get the annual Holiday vinyl concert pre-sale opportunities and access to super secret merchandise (OK not really super secret but exclusive is a better term) and copies of Pearl Jam’s magazine Deep. While the Ten Club isn’t revolutionary or maybe even the best fan club around it’s still great interaction between the fans and the band. What makes the Ten Club so cool is that it’s a little mom and pop operation run out of Seattle. Because it’s run in house and is here to make the us happy things run pretty smoothly for us fans. If the Ten Club even makes a mistake they are damn good at fixing it. And they tend to ship items in a jiffy. While some fans may complain about not getting the greatest seats in the house I applaud the Ten Club for attempting to help us out. I’ve been a member of several other band’s fan clubs and when it came time for the pre-sale tickets we were stuck in the worst part of the venue. At least the Ten Club gets us seats where we can actually enjoy the show. But the coolest thing about being a member of the Ten Club is the annual Holiday single which they’ve been doing since 1991. While most of the time the single will arrive months after X-Mas it’s still a neat little treat. By Albert Costill  c/o