Looking for funding for your music project?


Here are some links to local and national organisations who fund music projects...

Ministry of Culture & Heritage - Project funding search engine

FundView - NZ's primary source of information about funding for voluntary organisations and contains over 600 different funding schemes. Canterbury locations to view it free.

Christchurch Community Arts Council - Community Arts Funding Scheme

Christchurch City Council - Community Funding Schemes

CCC Youth Funding - Youth Development Fund for music project by people under 25 years.

Creative Communities - Creative NZ Funding Scheme managed by CCC, small grants applications taken in March and September.

Creative NZ - Music Project Funding Guidelines, Album and Touring funding.

Department of Internal Affairs - Gaming Machine Societies (ChCh)

NZ on Air - Music Funding Guidelines - MAKING TRACKS - single and video funding assistance for projects with potential broadcast outcomes.

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For more funding organisations go to FUNDING in the LINKS section (<<<) or go to CREATIVE NZ LINKS.



Office for the Community & Voluntary Sector
Provides an overview of funding



The following grants and funds are just some of those available:

Local Government and Community branch of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).
In 2008/09 over $18 million dollars was distributed to communities through funding schemes administered by DIA.
» Find out the names and closing dates of these funding schemes



Lottery Grants and Community Grants Schemes
Grants Online enables visitors to complete online applications to Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) and/or Lottery Grants Board. The site offers helpful prompts to ensure information is easily understood and applications are quickly and efficiently completed. Lottery Grants are available for different types of projects and services, which include grants for projects that enable or encourage community self-reliance, capacity building and stability, opportunities for social, civil or cultural participation and reducing or removing barriers to such participation.  Administered within the Department of Internal Affairs, there are seven community grants or funding schemes to support local initiatives, community services and community-based youth development.
» To apply go to Grants Online


Family and Community Services funding
Family and Community Services fund over 600 organisations to provide services that support families and strengthen communities through grants or contracts.
» For more information go to the Family and Community Services website


Child, Youth and Family funding
The Funding and Contracting group of Child, Youth and Family contracts with CYF approved organisations to provide social services for children, young people and their families.  It supports the development of new ways of working that enables better support for families and whanau.  To see how to gain approval and access funding see more on the Child, Youth and Family website.
» View the website Child, Youth and Family website


Charitable Trusts administered by the Public Trust
The Public Trust website lists regional charitable trusts that make grants.
» View the list on the Public Trust website

The Lion Foundation
The Lion Foundation’s funding policy is structured to ensure that many different community causes can benefit.  Funding is shared between the areas of community, which includes arts, culture, heritage and environment (30%), health (15%), sport (40%) and education (15%).
» For more information go to Lion Foundation


Creative New Zealand
This is the main arts development organisation in New Zealand.
Its role is to encourage, promote and support the arts for the benefit of all New Zealanders.
» For more information go to Creative New Zealand

The JR McKenzie Trust
This trust makes grants to community organisations in New Zealand, mainly in the areas of social services, health services and community development.
» For more information go to J R McKenzie Trust

New Zealand Community Trust
These funds come from operators up and down the country who run its gaming machines in their hotels, bars and clubs. Around 75% of grants are for sporting purposes, but it also supports other charitable purposes, such as the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, religion or any other purpose that will benefit the community.
» For more information go to their website http://www.nzct.org.nz/index.php

Canterbury Community Trust
This trust services Canterbury (North of the Rakaia River), the Nelson and Marlborough regions and the Chatham Islands.  The purpose of the Trust is to distribute funds for charitable, cultural,, philanthropic
and recreational benefits in their area, all of which benefit our quality of life. 
Contacts: Wayne Ward or Michael McNabb
» For more information go to their website The Community Trust

Sport & Recreation New Zealand
SPARC is dedicated to getting New Zealanders moving. That means everything from supporting elite athletes to getting out into local communities and encouraging people to get active.
» For more information go to Sport & Recreation New Zealand


This organisation will respond to requests from community organisations for IT equipment, and may either donate equipment or provide it at a discounted price
» For more information go to http://www.techsoup.net.nz/


The Tindall Foundation
This is the largest independent private foundation in Australasia, is driven by a desire to support initiatives in New Zealand which assist communities to help themselves and to heal problems rather than manage
» For more information go to Tindall Foundation


The Todd Foundation
This foundation targets funding towards organisations and initiatives that contribute towards our vision for New Zealand Aotearoa as a place where “everyone is able to contribute to the best of their ability in a
society that values and nurtures young people, encourages endeavour and recognises our cultural diversity”.
» For more information go to Todd Foundation


 Vodafone NZ Foundation
This foundation manages two core programmes on an annual basis: the Grant Making Programme and the World of Difference Programme. Both encourage positive and healthy outcomes for young New Zealanders aged 12 to 24, who are highly at risk and facing significant obstacles in their lives.
» For more information go to http://foundation.vodafone.co.nz/what-we-fund/

Vodafone also established the Canterbury Fund in 2011, tosupport the rebuilding of Christchurch.   The aim is to make a positive, long term difference within Christchurch communities and be agile and flexible as needs emerge.   Supporting youth aged 12-24 years is a major theme of the fund, which supports two programmes:  
Small grants – primary focus on youth projects, infrastructure/ capital and other projects that strengthen Christchurch communities.

Business growth – partnership with the Canterbury Business Recovery Trust to drive employment (particular focus on youth).

Wage subsidy grants will be provided for small-to-medium enterprises (SME) looking to take on a new employee, with a particular focus on youth.
Grants of up to $10,000 will be made available for salaries to be part paid for six months.  To apply for the Business Programme, please visit Canterbury Business Recovery Trust and click on the ‘Apply for Help’ link.

The Canterbury Fund is supported by the Vodafone Group Foundation and is a partnership with the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust.
» For more information go to http://foundation.vodafone.co.nz/canterbury-fund/

Christchurch Rotary Earthquake Charitable Trust
In making grants the Christchurch Rotary Earthquake Charitable Trust focuses first on needs of older people, young people and those with a disability resulting from 4 September 2010, 22 February and 13 June 2011 earthquakes and associated aftershocks.
» For more information email them on www.rotarysouthpacific.org or to donate to www.rnzwcs.org.

Wayne Francis Charitable Trust

This is a philanthropic family organisation committed to making a positive and lasting contribution to the community.  While primarily focused on ensuring the young people of today grow into happy, confident adults, they support people who have a dream, accept the challenge of adversity, and strive to rise above it.  One of their key funding areas is cancer research.  This realm of medicine embodies some of the Trust’s fundamental objectives – prevention, long-term change, and actions that strive to benefit the lives of many.
» For more information go to http://www.wfct.org.nz/Home


Red Cross NZ Canterbury Earthquake Fund

The Red Cross administers a fund of about $60 million, with about $16 million still available.
» For more information go to http://www.redcross.org.nz/2011christchurchearthquake


Fonterra Rebuilding Communities Programme

Fonterra has created this programme to help provide practical useful support relevant to their core competencies (areas of expertise and unique strengths).  Donations requests will be considered against the application criteria and will be operational until 22 February 2012 or until all funds have been distributed.
» For more information go to http://www.fonterra.com/wps/wcm/connect/fonterracom/fonterra.com/our+business/fonterra+at+a+glance/about+us/who+we+support


Christchurch City Council

The Council has three pre-existing Funds for community development, which were set up under the Strengthening Communities Strategy in 2007:

>1 Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF) $ 6.2 million
>a. For NGOs, divided into Metropolitan and Community Board funds.
>b. Contestable, once a year process [now closed for 2011-12]

>2     Small Grants Fund (SGF) $ 795,000
>a.     For NGOs, divided into Community Board funds-applications under $5,000 [ now closed for 2011-12]

>3.    Discretionary Response Fund (DRF) $477,000
>a.     Ad-hoc requests for funding throughout the year

>4.    Community Organisation Loans scheme
>a.     Capital funding only

>5.    Mayor's Welfare Fund
>a.     Ad-hoc requests for funding throughout the year for individuals in financial distress only

While these funds can deal with some earthquake-related expenses, that is not their main purpose.



Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund

(The Mayoral Earthquake Relief Fund)

Eligibility criteria

<>·     Open to individuals, groups, community organisations and businesses
<·       Requests for funding must arise as a consequence of the 4 September 2010 and 22 February 2011 earthquakes and associated aftershocks and must be for works or activities which fall within the following purposes:

o  contribute to the rebuilding of the social and physical infrastructure of Christchurch; and assist in: remedying hardship by individuals, groups, community organisations and businesses; and/or protecting or repairing damage to the physical fabric of the city

» For more information email Gill Rooney, Mayor's Office gill.rooney@ccc.govt.nz


Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust (The Prime Minister's Fund)

This fund of about $74 million is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).  The Trust fund will be spent on targeted projects in the Greater-Christchurch area under seven categories. These are education, sport
and recreation, heritage and culture, natural environment, spiritual and faith, economic revitalisation, and hardship and relief.

Eligibility criteria

The Trust will consider initiatives that:

>·       Are for projects contributing to one or more of the seven target categories
>·       Are major initiatives with multiple-beneficiaries
<·       Are projects which address the gap between the immediate emergency response and permanent long-term solutions       
>·       Utilise existing organisations in Christchurch that can most effectively deliver results
<·       Are collaborative proposals with input from key stakeholders in the proposed area of funding


All funding decisions will be made by the Trustees. The Trust has appointed an Advisory Board of local experts to provide a local perspective to guide decision-making and to give advice on the needs and priorities of the people of Canterbury.

Hardship — $10 million
This fund will be directed to areas such as support for the injured, support for children of the deceased, projects for at-risk youth, and money direct to critical support institutions such as Women's Refuge. The Trust recently allocated $2.8 million to St John Ambulance to buy emergency equipment and enhanced delivery and response equipment.

» For more information check the http://www.christchurchearthquakeappeal.govt.nz/
    or email them christchurchearthquakeappeal@dia.govt.nz
   or phone 0800 448 444


Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Building Fund

A special appeal has launched to help fund the repair, restoration and strengthening of character and heritage buildings damaged during the Canterbury earthquake. 

The purpose of the Fund is to provide assistance to owners of heritage buildings to repair damage caused by the Canterbury earthquake of 4 September 2010, Christchurch earthquake of 22 February 2011, and aftershocks.  Funding will be targeted at the gap between insurance cover, and the actual cost of repairs and associated works including conservation works,  structural upgrading and Building code compliance works.

The Fund will consist of contributions from territorial authorities, the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, and donations. Any funds received will be matched by the government who have set aside up to $10 million.  This was set up prior to the 22 February Christchurch Earthquake.

» For more information go to http://www.ccc.govt.nz/homeliving/civildefence/chchearthquake/heritage.aspx