Mobile Audio and Lighting Systems


Audio and Lighting
Contact: Callum Jones Ph: 0800 428 346 or 027 726 4026

Mobile Audio and Lighting Systems is a Christchurch based company that service the whole South Island area. We have great rates and excellent quality gear and staff. We can provide equipment and staff to suit any event no matter how big or small.
We can do everything from:

·         Event Management
·         Sound Equipment supply, setup, and operation
·         Lighting Equipment supply, setup and operation
·         Stage construction
·         Visual Displays (PowerPoint’s, Movies, Slideshows) the construction and presenting at the event on the big screen etc.
·         Electrical Needs
·         Computer systems / IT
·         Permanent installs  (Sound, Lighting, IT systems)
·         And Much More

Please see the attached PDF which has an advert of just about everything we can do.

Please feel free to call us today and get a free quote for your next event.