P2P study: Music crackdown is bad for business

debunk the myth of the "Long Tail". Page examined song purchases at a large online digital retail store which showed that out of an inventory of 13 million songs 10 million had never been downloaded even once. It suggested that the idea proposed by WiReD magazine editor Chris Anderson who in 2004 urged that the future of business was digital retailers carrying larger inventories of slow-selling items was a Utopian fantasy. The P2P networks are harder to quantify but apparently show a similar pattern where most of the action - and profit - is in the 'head'. Each Top 100 CD on on PirateBay averaged 58 000 downloads a week for example. Lady GaGa's The Fame was downloaded 388 000 times in a week from PirateBay alone. Like its predecessor the new study also finds that downloads follow a log-normal rather a Pareto (or "power curve") distribution as Anderson envisaged. The WiReD man had guessed the shape of the internet - and picked the wrong shape. Music and Media   "