Real Groovy - the end of an era (Video)

For 28 years Real Groovy has been a mountain in the retail music landscape.  It has hit hard times and is now in receivership. It appears to be a victim of the digital age.  i-tunes and the one dollar downloads are king CD's are on the way down and possibly out and vinyl hurrah is staging a bit of a come back! Real Groovy Records has been around as long as Split Enz 28-years but from today it is in receivership and looking for a new buyer. “If you walked into there you would see posters for local gigs so that's gone a market place you would run into each other there and musician would meet there so that's gone that's sad ” says music lover Colin Hogg. Real Groovy specialised in second-hand music with just over a quarter making up new music.  TradeMe and i-tunes have taken its toll. “I think where it is a great loss is for a guy like me I am not a download guy i don't know how to do it ” says Hogg. Now it is second hand independent record shops like Galaxy Records in Christchurch run by enthusiast Dave Imlay who is filling the gap. “You definably get people coming down and talking to each other and recommending records to each other that you never get when you are sitting in your bedroom on line looking at a screen ” points out Imlay. “CDs are going down in popularity.  There are still people who are buying them for their sound systems they generally have a better sound than downloads do but a lot of the people younger ones are downloading things for their i-pods and listening to songs here and there but vinyl has hit a resurgence.  Records that haven't been available for years and years are suddenly getting repressed on vinyl and selling out - you can't get enough of them ” says Imlay. “There is something sad about being locked in your room down loading something invisible with something invisible and sticking it in your ear it's a bit private if you ask me ” reckons Hogg. So if you get a chance this weekend - take a nostalgic trip into a record store check out the album cover and reminisce of the good old days while you can. Watch Video HERE