Prince has given what has been billed as his first U.K.
By all accounts there are many wondrous sights to be seen at the Googleplex but one of the most arresting is surely the gigantic T-Rex skeleton — nicknamed “Stan” after a “real” dino found nearby —
By Communication has always been essential in any business organization and the Internet has made it tremendously easy.
16th December 2010 - By Zeke Camusio c/o
Back in July 08 we presented a seminar focusing on music promotion in New Zealand this podcast is the second in a series of 3 recordings from the day and features Lauren Clough from Maiden New Zealand.
February 4 2010 by Bob Lefsetz c/o
nms parcel promo28th May 2009 - By Dave Haynes UK Manager of
April 2008 When things are new and people are making a name for themselves by making bold assertions that sound futuristic doom-laden or revolutionary sometimes they fall into the trap of talking nonsense. “CDs are dead!” is one example of this phenomenon. Think about it.
28th December 2009 - by Ben Howe from Arch Hill Recordings and Mystery Girl Presents. I first met Roger Shepherd sometime in the mid 1990s in Auckland. It was at the Powerstation music venue in the back bar.
May 2008 - c/o Bob Lefsetz Years ago you could get away with just being the artist. You'd surround yourself with handlers and they'd get the day to day er sh*twork done.
By Andrew Dubber -
cd baby nz9th September 2008 - By Moses Avalon
23rd March 2009 by Andrew Dubber c/o
As a final issue it also pays to make sure you are comfortable with the general use that will be made of your track in relation to the compilation for example any advertising or marketing of the compilation that will include your track specifically should be clearly defined.
What is called the music business today however is not the business of producing music. At some point it became the business of selling CDs in plastic cases and that business will soon be over. But that's not bad news for music and it's certainly not bad news for musicians.
Thanks to Milly Olykan for the article. Milly is a New Zealander currently living in London. For a number of years she managed and tour managed the alternative pop band The Brunettes.
In July 08 the CPC presented a seminar focusing on music promotion in New Zealand this podcast is the final part in a series of 3 recordings from the day and features Matt Turner from Kurb promotions focusing on the topic of digital promotions.
21st October 2009 What does this mean for the artist? It means that musicians can now focus their marketing efforts on getting people to their website and taking advantage of those visitors by offering the album right there and then.
C/o Andrew Dubber -
Posted: 14 Apr 2008 07:19 AM
Facebook today released some stats trying to show the success of several of the Open Graph music applications launched at f8.
Game players rejoice: a range of decent quality games exists online for free download. was started by a team of game industry wizards and aims to offer a range of intellectual and challenging games for free.
October 2006
Music legend Neil Finn is the new part-owner of Flying Nun having put up funds to help its founder buy back the cult New Zealand record label from an American music giant.
3rd August 2010 by Vicki Anderson c/o the press
In 1981 Christchurch New Zealand record shop manager and music fan Roger Shepherd decided that someone should be recording the bands he loved to watch each weekend.
Being a musician these days can be wonderful as well as a daunting - there are so many opportunities out there (especially on the web) to distribute your music it can be very easy to forget what the ultimate goal is - to acquire new fans!
Jan 26th - NZonAir Music Deadline
New recordingsCommunity,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations, Funding applications due more...
Although in music industry contracts people often just focus on the cash amount or the basic royalty rate being paid as you will now see being aware of the other kinds of issues that impact on the amount you will actually receive is just as important.
28.02.2007 - 19:00
Etc/GMT+13 getting your musi</body></html>
The mix is horrible. As this article will come in two parts I’m going to spend the part one of this article giving you ways to completely avoid this situation to begin with. Then in part two I’m going to give you ways to salvage a desperate situation based on three different budget scenarios.
18th August 2008 - c/o When I get asked this question it’s usually by young bands who have developed something of a following through touring by being really a
It doesn’t necessarily have to be this mix but if I gave you that as a starter method you’d know what to do with some of your time right? You’ll note that there’s a lot to get done in that time frame. You’re busy. It’s not like you’re in the typing business (that’s me).
As requested by Mark Christchurch June 2008 1 The most important lesson to learn about music appreciation is that without silence there would be no sound. Music is not only notes but the spaces (ie. musical rests) between each note. Without silence there would be no rhythm.
cut out of the music industry’s revenues. Consumers don’t have infinitely-deep pockets and billions of ‘recreation dollars’ that used to go almost exclusively to music are now going into gaming.   2.
From a 17 year vet c/o Bob Lefsetz
May 2008 WRITING A PRESS RELEASE c/o Rebecca Caughey - Publicist When To Use A Press Release

The IFPI published its Digital Music Report 2012 yesterday (23rd January) looking at digital revenue globally for last year.

25th January 2009 By Eric Pfanner c/o
A generation ago the Isle of Man gave the world the Bee Gees. Now it says it wants to help the wounded music industry stay alive.
18th August 2008 - To the independent artist then it’s helpful that the Long Tail phenomenon exists because it means that if there’s a chance to sell a few copies of your work there are no longer any barriers in your way to stop you selling those few copies.
9th October 2008 - By Jody Lloyd

Jody Lloyd :
By VICKI ANDERSON - The Press | Saturday 31 May 2008
16th August 2010 - New Zealand's A List musicians will get an extra push into the Australian and American markets thanks to new NZ On AirCommunity,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Co

C/o - July 2007

1. A Brief Overview
2. Which part of the Music Industry is for You?

3. The Creative Side - Record Engineering Producing Music Video Directing?

By Matt Turner c/o
4th July 2008
“Christchurch . . . in Cashel Street I wait”. It’s no “Dominion Road” but Christchurch probably isn’t easy to write a song about so props to Jordan Luck for giving it a go.
Coolfer is a New York-based blog that covers music and the music industry. Started in August of 2003 as a way to expose the fledgling blogosphere to the insights of a person within the music industry has grown to become a respected and widely read source of news and opinion.
debunk the myth of the "Long Tail". Page examined song purchases at a large online digital retail store which showed that out of an inventory of 13 million songs 10 million had never been downloaded even once.
Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. It recognizes the new power of the best consumers to ignore marketing.
The past decade has seen the music industry changed irrevocably but whilst much of our focus has naturally rested on the recordings business every aspect of the industry has in one form or another had to face up to a radically changed landscape.
mclaughlin law publishing15th June 2008
Remember Radiohead’s experiment in which they let people choosehow much they wanted to pay for their latest album In Rainbows?
For 28 years Real Groovy has been a mountain in the retail music landscape.  It has hit hard times and is now in receivership.
c/o BBC1 One Music Vocal Recording - Tips & Tricks Vocal Recording - Tips & Tricks Recording Acoustic Guitar What Is Mastering? Online MasteringWalls Of Sound: The world's greatest recording studios
March 2008

1st September 2010 by David McLaughlin
Looking to release your own CD? Here are some useful links... How To Start A Label (Radio 1 Copyright Labelling On CDs CD DVD Manufacturing & Packaging
kevin glover5th October 2009 - By Kevin Glover c/o www.nzlawyermaga
c/o Bob Lefsetz
8th May 2008
Writing Songs With Others (by David McLaughlin) and other links to helpful web Articles,Resourceson songwriting. Song Structure & Dynamics (Flip Grater -
hotel california the eagles experience29th July 2010 - Opinion by Bob Leftsetz
The procedure will both educate and warn file-sharers that unauthorised sharing of copyright works is illegal and in turn stop a large proportion of illegal file sharing.
How to help prop up the ailing music industry? Tax Google suggests a new report commissioned by the French government.
18. Utilize the multitude of tools available to you for very little cost if any - Flickr / YouTube / Vimeo / SoundCloud / Twitter etc. Reznor adds “If you don’t know anything about new media or how people communicate these days none of this will work.
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You’re familiar with the Golden Rule right? Roughly translated across cultures it boils down to: Treat Others as You Wish to Be Treated. Those are words to live by even online.
The chart below shows the relationships and revenue flow between a number of different parties with regards to the New Zealand Music Industry (c/o a large jpg The Music Universe
15th June 2010 by Vicki Anderson c/o The Pre
In our next Music Law Newsletter we’ll be looking at our final top 5 legal tips for those operating in the New Zealand music industry. By David Mclaughlin  
manages Shapeshifter and Ladi6. Rebecca is also a tour publicist for artists such as Bic Runga and Brooke Fraser.
Sharon McIver has been involved in the Christchurch and New Zealand music culture and industry for many years. In 2008 she finished her thesis titled “WaveShapeConversion: The Land as Reverent in the Dance Culture”. She has graciously allowed us to upload this for you to view.
(Photo: A DAB+ Radio on display in Sydney Earlier this year c/o Dab-Hand But there are still uncertainties over which digital option to choose how best to introduce it and control growth what im
I should probably mention: it’s hard giving albums away like this. It’s not just a case of simply printing out mailing labels from a database of press contacts and stuffing CDs in envelopes.
  Make your music as great as it can be take your time and get plenty of objective opinions and feedback on it - as your friends and family will only tell you how great it is!
But you can do it way better than that. First of all you’re not U2 so you don’t have to tread water on a career that’s been more or less ostentatiously stagnant and predictably stellar for a couple of decades. Second you can be more honest about the inclusion of your fans.
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