ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame

The ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame showcases those artists who have reached and maintained the highest standards possible in the New Zealand Rock Music Industry - an industry which had it's beginnings in the late 1950s.      Members are nominated by peers and admirers of the era and their credentials are scrutinized by the ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame Board. On acceptance they are inaugurated into the ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame at the great ROCKONZ Festival held annually. ROCKONZ International Stars  –  Ray Columbus Dinah Lee and Max Merritt —  receiving their Key to the City of Christchurch" during the inaugural ROCKONZ Festival - celebrating 50 years of Christchurch Rock.  Keys to the City were similarly presented to Peter Dawkins Trevor King Cecile and Dion Murphy and Toni Williams. The first ROCKONZ Rock Hall of Fame awards ceremony took place at the ROCKONZ Hall of Fame Dance Party at the Christchurch Town Hall on Saturday March 24th 2007 as part of a 50-year celebration concert/dance.  Fans from over the years danced sang and cheered for their heroes from the late 50s and early 60s as they took the stage to deliver a veritable blast from the past. Contact: Cecile & Dion at "