Statement from RIANZ Re: S92A Copyright Act

The procedure will both educate and warn file-sharers that unauthorised sharing of copyright works is illegal and in turn stop a large proportion of illegal file sharing. "A great deal of work has gone into finding a fair effective and credible process for the enforcement of copyright against illegal peer-to-peer file-sharers. Mr Power said though right holders will be able to seek suspension of accounts through the courts he expected that would happen only in cases of serious offending. "I want to stress that account holders will have the opportunity during each of these processes to defend claims by right holders." "This was a complex issue to work through and industry groups intellectual property experts and officials worked hard to ensure the issues raised in the submissions were addressed. "I'm confident we now have a workable solution." The public will be able to make further submissions at the select committee stage. Further information can be found here: And a copy of the Cabinet Paper is available at: "