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Contact: Sales Manager
Ph: 0508 theophany (0508 843 674)
Cnr Weedons Ross and McClelland Road, RD5 Christchurch

After 3.5 years of intensive product development Theophany Loud Speakers are proud to launch their product into the NZ market. A lot of excitement is also being generated with international markets opening up as speakers excel expectations world wide. Speakers are manufactured in Christchurch by a team of specialists who have passion for music as well as technical skills to assemble and test the product before it reaches the end customer. The construction of a show room in Christchurch also allows Hi-Fi enthusiasts to come and listen in the comfort of a lounge setting.

In conjunction with Arvus Loud Speakers state of the art neodymium drivers have been specifically designed for Theophany cabinets. Drivers are constructed with powerful neodymium magnets that outperform traditional ceramic magnets in sound fidelity and driver efficiency.

A lot of thought and research was poured into the cabinet construction resulting in a curved slender appearance. The curved construction forms extremely rigid and inert cabinets, virtually eliminating harmonic distortion and standing waves. So not only do these cabinets look exceptional they perform at a level almost unheard of.
Theophany is highly confident they have produced a world class speaker range that offers clarity and superb imaging that will amaze with both music and Home Theatre.

Become a part of this exciting sound revolution today.