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Graduate Music Degrees
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From 2014 the School of Music will introduce a new Bachelor of Music degree (subject to final CUAP approval). The new degree has been constructed to address a broad range of career needs of aspiring professional musicians. In addition, the new music degree is designed to be shared across the University, providing a wide choice of high quality courses for Bachelor of Arts and other students who attend UC.

There are 3 distinct pathways (majors) in the new degree:
Major in Performance (features include weekly lessons, master classes)
Major in New Music (features include composing, songwriting, digital music)
Musical Culture (features include music theory, musicology, community music)

Each major has a sequence of specialist courses, which define the major.

Every Bachelor of Music student will undertake a core group of music studies in years 1 and 2. These are common to all three major pathways and include courses in music theory, musicianship and harmony, historical music studies, and foundation courses in music technology and community music.

In addition to the common core studies and core specialist studies for each major, students can choose from an exciting array of electives, many of which are sequenced to form smaller pathways within the degree. Subject to meeting prerequisite criteria, students from any major may take as electives some of the compulsory courses from other majors.

And there are many freestanding electives, which are available to Bachelor of Music and other University students.

For further information visit us at www.music.canterbury.ac.nz