Who To Send Promos To

I should probably mention: it’s hard giving albums away like this. It’s not just a case of simply printing out mailing labels from a database of press contacts and stuffing CDs in envelopes. It’s about going through your personal contacts (real proper personal friends - not ‘MySpace friends’) thinking about the people involved and whether they would actually appreciate the record. Then it’s about contacting them in their preferred manner - mine were mostly emails and Facebook messages - with the digital equivalent of a hand-written note that says ‘I thought of you for this - and here’s why’. But I suspect like gardening the results are worth the effort. That’s not to say you shouldn’t still do the lottery thing - but I think that’s a game with diminishing returns. Organic naturally-occurring word-of-mouth recommendation is an incredibly powerful thing - especially when amplified exponentially online. By Andrew Dubber c/o newmusicstrategies.com