Your Music Career: Taking It To The Next Step

  Make your music as great as it can be take your time and get plenty of objective opinions and feedback on it - as your friends and family will only tell you how great it is! You need a quality demo/EP/CD of at least 3 songs that you can proudly put your name to and even sell at your gigs. Using reknowned studios engineers/producers and mastering can not only maximise your investment but also help you build 'your story' when it comes to releasing it. Buy hire or borrow a video camera and record the whole recording process for use in your videos. Find a music video producer and start your own Youtube page.   6) Understand Copyright & Revenue Streams Facebook is now a music industry standard (with applications like RootMusic & Involver) regardless you need to ensure both are 'findable' and visible to the public. Most networking sites are free and you can upload your bio photo’s songs and embed your YouTube video’s. Potential fans Media Labels/Distributors Publishers Agents Promoters etc use these profiles to quickly and easily check out an artist’s profile. Treat it like your business card and keep it simple clean and easy to load. Bandcamp is another great sire where you can stream your music and choose the format and quality of your downloads plus you can get stats from where your hits come from. List your profile in as many places online as you can. Spread the word! Get and create accounts on Youtube and - as you have press releases music etc post them on these sites and link them back to your website URL. These profiles should be brief and easy to read and understa d
you want to convert them to fans and ideally get them to click through and sign up to your
own site. Keep them clean with only a few photo's and video's so they are easy to load always add friends. is a great way of upating all your social networking sites in one go.
9) Focus On Building Your Fanbase & Communicating with Fans Media Industry Ultimately you want your own bands website - here you can communicate with your fanbase /Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations,Community,Music Organisations, Fundingand add all the video and photo's you like sell CD's mp3's video's merchandise webcasts and more. Ask a friend to design one or at the very least get set up your own website (read How Do I Start) with a database an e-commerce shop blog and make it attractive simple and easy to navigate - give your fans a reason to come back regularly. Your fans are your consumers so treat them well keep them informed and engage with them regularly through email your own website and your networking webpages. The internet is an essential medium and artists are using it to build profile and exposure gain sponsorship access fans and sell their music and merchandise. Make sure you build a database/mailing list into the backend of your website and manage it appropriately - you can't inundate your fans ad infinitum you've got to give something back... and the music must be good. A regular email update will create traffic back to your own website. If you don't have a website try a formatted email service or document hosting page that you can send around. is another fan database builder. Find a local web developer or do it yourself. Make a list of 10 relevant music industry champions/press/people that can help and contact them personally to find out what genres or angles they print/support and find out their deadlines. Target them with your press releases (see How To Write A Press Release) and as if they would like to see a shortened version of your Electronic Press Kits (EPK's are becoming more apparent using SonicBids and other web/email applications) or Myspace/Website. Here's a link to the top 10 most useful sites to musicians.   10) Hone Your Live Show & Work Your Local Market As Hard As You Can NZ is a relatively easy country to play produce and release your own music. Labels Publishers Sponsors etc want to be shown that you can fill a room have a fan-base and therefore want to be a part of this - make sure you get photograph or video footage of all aspects of your world. NZ is relatively easy to tour too so learn what its like to play 3 shows in and around the region of your home town and if planning on touring overseas try playing 3 nights in both islands before considering taking off. Here are some local venue contacts and tips on getting gigs.   11) Network Other CHART Articles Blog/Networking Links and Resources. The last word belongs to Bob Lefsetz Great music can still be made. And good stuff is sold by word of mouth. Which has the advantage of being instant and vast on the Internet. You can't control the public the way you used to be able to you can't manipulate the consumer. Quality is the start a relationship is second and managing this connection is third. Most of this requires sweat equity more than cash. Start perspiring." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Christopher Knab -
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